The Nodal Territorial Model of Knowledge

I am to create a theory of knowledge that can be applied to research. What is a theory? A theory is something that gives us language to describe phenomena. A theory, such as the atomic theory, can be predictive, but such an outcome would only manifest at a high level of the development of aContinue reading “The Nodal Territorial Model of Knowledge”

Problems are Either Trivial or Intractable

It has been said “Problems are either trivial or intractable”. Several points can be made about this: This is experienced by the undergraduate when he or she experiences the something of a leap when going from the first two years of their degree to the last two years. The reason why problems are either trivialContinue reading “Problems are Either Trivial or Intractable”

Gracie Cunningham Questions

Here are my answers to the Gracie Cunningham Questions: How did people know what they were looking for when they were theorizing formulae?Formulae are either derived or correlated. Derived expressions start with some sort of universal law (governing equation) and substitute in constituent formulae to derive an expression. The universal laws are typically postulated afterContinue reading “Gracie Cunningham Questions”